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Ann VanderMeer

Over a 30-year career, Ann VanderMeer has won numerous awards for her editing work, including the Hugo Award and World Fantasy Award. Whether as editor-in-chief for Weird Tales for five years or in her current role as an acquiring editor for, Ann has built her reputation on acquiring fiction from diverse and interesting new talents. As co-founder of Cheeky Frawg Books, she has helped develop a wide-ranging line of mostly translated fiction. Featuring a who’s who of world literature, Ann VanderMeer’s anthologies include the critically acclaimed Best American Fantasy series, The Weird, The Time Traveler’s Almanac, Sisters of the Revolution, and the forthcoming Big Book of SF (Vintage).

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    Jeff VanderMeer

    Called “the weird Thoreau” by the New Yorker, Jeff VanderMeer has been a published writer since age 14. His most recent fiction is the NYT-bestselling Southern Reach trilogy. One of the publishing events of 2014, the trilogy garnered wide-spread critical acclaim, was optioned by Paramount Pictures, and made more than thirty year’s best lists, including  Entertainment Weekly’s top 10. His nonfiction appears in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, and the Recently, he sold his next novel, Borne, to Farrar, Straus and Giroux in a deal announced by the Hollywood Reporter. Jeff VanderMeer also wrote the world’s first fully illustrated creative-writing guide, Wonderbook.

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